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The many faces of Robin Hobbs

News / 6 November 2016

Robin has been at ARMI for around four years now and says that the things he enjoys most are the diverse range of research being conducted there and the dynamic and enthusiastic nature of the scientific environment, probably owing to the high number of junior group leaders, including himself.

More than a decade ago, scientists around the world confidently predicted that stem cell research would revolutionise medicine. Enabling legislation followed the technology, as did a dramatic increase in funding that paralleled the public’s impatient expectations. It’s only within the past couple of years that we have finally started to see the vanguard of this regenerative movement begin to be realised – what began as a trickle of clinical trials has now become a steady stream around the globe.

Annual Report 2015

Annual reports / 26 September 2016
ARMI Annual Report 2015 (Front Cover)

In 2015, the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute built upon solid foundations of excellence, with several key events illustrating the growing maturity of our innovative research and collaborative efforts.

A Regenerative Medicine Advisory Group to be chaired by Silvio Tiziani has been formed by AusBiotech.

The Group, comprising 10 members, will provide advice on current and emerging issues and trends facing the regenerative medicine sector in Australia and overseas, improve and engage the sector, generate a clear definition of regenerative medicine and address key advocacy issues.

ARMI would like to congratulate Dr Mirana Ramialison on winning the Thinkable inaugural “Peer Prize for Women in Science”. Here, the Ramialison groups research into hacking the genome for junk DNA to tackle childhood heart disease has been recognised. Dr Ramialison is a thought leader in this area, and provides a fantastic role mode to ARMI’s early career researchers.

It’s National Science Week, and at ARMI we could not be prouder of our amazing team of scientists, technicians, students, affiliates and administrative team who embody the spirit of ARMI. It is this group of talented and dedicated individuals who are working to unlock the regenerative capability of the human body. Our 77+ strong team of scientists boasts 15 research groups, making us one of the largest regenerative medicine and stem cell research hubs in the world.