Mirana Ramialison


  • mirana.ramialison@monash.edu
  • +61 (3) 9902 9645

Research interests

Despite the availability of genome sequences for many model organisms, our understanding of developmental gene regulatory networks (GRNs) is still relatively poor. My laboratory will focus on increasing our knowledge of network understanding by:

  1. generating quality datasets to unravel the nodes (genes, signalling pathways, regulatory elements) and edges (regulatory interactions) that compose the GRN,
  2. integrating this information using computational modelling, to recapitulate the complex processes that occur during development, and to predict the effects of perturbation as seen in congenital diseases,
  3. performing cross-species comparisons, to study the evolution of GRNs and investigate conserved and non-conserved regulatory properties and how they contribute to animal diversity.

Using a combination of bioinformatics tools and zebrafish as a model system, I intend to bring about significant advances in our appreciation of how GRNs drive embryonic development through the integration of cis-regulatory codes, how they are co-opted and modified during evolution and how they relate to disease pathophysiology.

Featured Publications

Authors Title Published In

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