13 Jul, 2021

Dr Lachlan Harris

Research Officer, Sid Faithfull Brain Cancer Lab, QIMR Berghofer


Lachlan will discuss unpublished work highlighting how the transcription factor Ascl1 and a novel regulator of quiescence, Mycn, control distinct molecular programs during stem cell activation. He will highlight his future work that focuses on the therapeutic potential of controlling stem cell quiescence. These studies will include identifying how cancer stem cells in glioblastoma adopt a quiescent state to resist chemotherapy, and whether these cells can be eradicated by targeting quiescent pathways.


Lachlan is a developmental biologist and neuroscientist by training and recently returned to QIMR Berghofer from one of the UK’s leading research facilities, The Francis Crick Institute. At The Crick, Lachlan investigated the regulation of neural stem cell quiescence, a reversible state of cell-cycle exit, which prevents stem cells in the adult brain from activating and exhausting themselves prematurely. He identified key molecular pathways involved in regulating stem cell quiescence during aging, findings which were recently published in Cell Stem Cell.

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