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04 Oct,2023

ARMI Annual Report 2022

No one emerged unscathed from the pandemic years and it has been especially difficult for students who had limited opportunities to reach their research goals and gain all the advantages of our on-site research environment. But our students and leaders showed remarkable resilience. Our research leaders did an outstanding job holding it all together so […]

31 Aug,2023

Welcome Jenny Donelly to ARMI

Jenny Donelly will join the ARMI Executive Team as the Senior Manager, External Strategy and Planning. As someone who is deeply experienced in navigating the challenges in both the university sector, and in health and medicine, Jenny is ready and committed to help ARMI achieve its goals. Jenny had a number of corporate jobs in […]

09 Aug,2023

Strengthening Industry Skills: ARMI PhD Student Parikshit Banerjee Gains Influential Industry mentor through Prestigious IMNIS Program

Industry, commercialisation and translation can feel like another world to biomedical research students. While the gap between academia and industry still exists, it is getting smaller with initiatives such as ARMI’s own Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) and programs including the Industry Mentoring Network in STEM (IMNIS), which is supported by the Australian Academy of Technological […]

19 Jul,2023

Chris Alma: Innovating in Industry for Good

What began as a combination of a love for sport and for science, Chris Alma’s career has taken him abroad, from small to large biotech, and from bench scientist to Director and Lead the Cell Therapy Platform Development at CSL. As the latest addition to ARMI’s Industry Advisory Committee (IAC), Chris brings a breadth and […]

19 Jun,2023

ARMI Annual Report 2021

Even though 2021 presented continuing pandemic challenges for people and organisations worldwide, 2021 was an excellent year for ARMI. Our excellent publication record continued, with several publications in top journals representing high-impact advancements in their fields. As in 2020, a top priority for 2021 was assisting our students to continue their research and learning. Again, […]

09 Jun,2023

Introducing Nir Eynon: Pioneering Regenerative Medicine Research at ARMI

In the ever-evolving field of regenerative medicine, ground breaking research and innovative approaches are essential to unlocking the secrets of healthy aging and tissue regeneration. At the forefront of this exciting field is Professor Nir Eynon, Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute’s (ARMI) newest Group Leader. With an impressive background in genetics and epigenetics and a passion […]

30 May,2023

Meet Oliver Anderson: ARMI’s Newest Social Media Ambassador

In the field of science, communication plays a crucial role in the advancement of research and discovery. One of the best ways to communicate and share ideas in today’s digital age is through social media. Meet Oliver Anderson, the newest social media ambassador for the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI). Oliver is a dedicated stem […]

05 Apr,2023

William Roman: Global Scientist Lands At ARMI

Dr William Roman, one of ARMI’s newest research group leaders, will commence at ARMI in June. With a focus on skeletal muscle cell biology, regeneration, and repair, as well as tissue bioengineering of skeletal muscle organs, his group joins the Organ Engineering and Synthetic Biology theme at ARMI. Using cutting-edge technology, including microscopy, tissue engineering […]

30 Mar,2023

Dr Renee Chow: From Falling in Love with Research in Musical Acoustics to ARMI

Dr Renee Chow is one of ARMI’s newest research group leaders, joining the Heart and Muscle Development and Regeneration theme. Her group will study heart valve development, disease, and regeneration using zebrafish as a model organism. Renee’s biomedical research career has had a relatively unusual start. She first found love for research during her undergraduate […]

15 Feb,2023

Honours for ARMI Leaders

Congratulations to Professor Graham Lieschke AM and Emeritus Professor Claude Bernard AM, who have both been recognised as part of the Australia Day Honours this year! Graham has been made a member (AM) in the general division of the Order of Australia for “significant service to medicine as a haematologist, and to medical research.” Graham, […]