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25 Oct,2021

Patrick Hughes: Bringing Medicine, Art and Science to ARMILAB

Dr Patrick Hughes understands the importance of learning and pursues learning, from French to fly fishing to woodworking, in all its different shapes and forms with great aplomb. This deep appreciation of knowledge, extensive medical background, and undergraduate and postgraduate teaching and clinical research make him an exciting new addition to ARMI’s Leadership Advisory Board […]

20 Oct,2021

Sister Cities have Another Successful Symposium

October in the ARMI calendar has become synonymous with the Monash University – Osaka University Joint Symposium on Advanced Biomedical Sciences. Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic had once again interfered with this year’s meeting, preventing it from taking place in person. Despite that, researchers enthusiastically jumped online to discuss their work, exchange ideas and strengthen partnerships […]

11 Oct,2021

Untangling the Heart’s Genome: Now in 3D

Research led by Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute and Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) researchers at Monash University has combined cutting-edge genomics and 3D “gaming” modelling to understand how all genes are expressed in different parts of the heart, unveiling complex patterns and novel markers. To help visualise this new research, the team, led by Monash […]

07 Oct,2021

ARMI Alumni in Australia: Dr Hozana Castillo

It’s been a “round the world” trip for ARMI alumni Dr Hozana Castillo, who first arrived in Australia in 2016 as part of her postdoctoral studies with the Kaslin Group at ARMI. After returning to her native Brazil in 2018, Hozana is once again back in Melbourne and now working in industry to support drug […]

30 Sep,2021

ARMI Annual Report 2020

In what was an unprecedented year globally, ARMI staff and students rose to the difficulties with great adaptability and resilience. In spite of the year’s challenges, 2020 saw ARMI’s standing as a world-leading institute in the field of regenerative medicine continue to grow, with another great year of research published in the highest-impact academic journals. […]

27 Aug,2021

ARMI scientists combine innovative technologies to improve image analysis

ARMI scientists have developed a new method to obtain specific bone measurements from imaging scans, potentially enhancing accuracy and efficiency for developmental biologists and evolutionary researchers in the field. The work, led by ARMI group leader Alberto Roselló-Díez, was recently published in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. “We have developed a user-friendly semi-automatic method […]

16 Aug,2021

Azelle Hawdon: ARMI’s newest social media ambassador

ARMI student Azelle Hawdon has a keen eye for detail. With her PhD project in the Zenker Group involving using cutting-edge live imaging technologies to understand the underlying mechanisms of embryo development, Azelle spends a lot of time looking down the microscope observing tiny movements in the microtubule cytoskeleton – structures that shape and help […]

12 Jul,2021

Gustavo Duque: From Colombia to Australia and the ABC Network

Expanding the ABC Network has typically seen many talented researchers based in South America join the collaborative cohort. However, the latest addition, Professor Gustavo Duque, a Colombian clinician-researcher who is currently based in the Western suburbs of Melbourne, is a little unique in that he perfectly epitomises the relationships this network aims to strengthen and […]

05 Jul,2021

Cartherics, ARMI and CCRM Australia announce new agreement for closer cooperation and collaboration

Cartherics Pty Ltd (“Cartherics”) and the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute, including commercialisation initiative CCRM Australia, announced agreements for closer cooperation and collaboration today. “Cartherics affiliation with ARMI is an important step in our development and will embed industry and academic excellence in regenerative medicine and translation to clinical medicine in cancer,” said Prof Alan Trounson, […]

21 Jun,2021

ARMI Alumni Abroad: Dr Ivan Gladwyn-Ng

When Dr Ivan Gladwyn-Ng chose to undertake his PhD at ARMI, under the supervision of Dr Julian Heng, he had a clear vision for his future. He knew he didn’t want to stay in academia and become a lab head. He knew he loved cytoskeletal proteins and the amazing videos scientists produced. And he knew […]