The Lieschke group studies the haemopoietic system and leukocytes. The haemopoietic system is a collection of organs and tissues (bone marrow, spleen, lymph nodes etc.) responsible for the production of blood in the body.

Leukocytes (white blood cells) are the keys cells involved for counteracting foreign substances and disease. They also play a major role in determining whether tissue repairs and regenerates rather than scars after injury. 


Using the zebrafish as a model organism, the Lieschke group study blood cell development and function. They also look at mutant zebrafish with faulty blood cell development to find insights into the genes that regulate the haemopoietic system.

Mutant zebrafish also assist with understanding the role of leukocytes in inflammation and healing. This information is used to create infection models that stimulate leukocytes in action, which helps the group investigate the host-pathogen response. 

The Lieschke group in 2017


  • Discovery of genes critical for white blood cell development 
  • How the inflammatory response is regulated
  • How modulating the inflammatory white blood cells might tip the outcome to favour regeneration rather than scarring
  • Investigating how white blood cells keep out and contain micro-organisms. 

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