Renee Chow



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Chow RW, Fukui H, Chan WX, Tan KSJ, Roth S, Duchemin AL, Messaddeq N,
Nakajima H, Liu F, Faggianelli-Conrozier N, Klymchenko AS, Choon Hwai Y,
Mochizuki N, Vermot J.

Cardiac forces regulate zebrafish heart valve delamination by
modulating Nfat signaling.

PLoS Biol. 14;20(1):e3001505. (2022)

Fukui H, Chow RW, Xie J, Foo YY, Yap CH, Minc N, Mochizuki N, Vermot J.

Bioelectric signaling and the control of cardiac cell identity in response to mechanical forces.

Science. 15;374(6565):351-354. (2021)

Cairelli, AG, Chow RW, Vermot J, Yap CH.

Fluid Mechanics of the Zebrafish
Embryonic Heart Trabeculation

PLoS Computational Biology. 18(6): e1010142. (2022)

Lam YT, Hsu CJ, Simpson PJL, Dunn LL, Chow RW, Chan KH, Yong ASC, Yu Y, Sieveking DP, Lecce L, Yuan J, Celermajer DS, Wise SG, Ng MKC.

Androgens Stimulate EPC-Mediated Neovascularization and Are Associated with Increased Coronary Collateralization.

Endocrinology. 1;161(5):bqaa043. (2020)

Chow RW, Lamperti P, Steed E, Boselli F, Vermot J.

Following Endocardial Tissue Movements via Cell Photoconversion in the Zebrafish Embryo.

J. Vis. Exp (132), e57290, doi:10.3791/57290 (2018)

Chow RW, Almeida AD, Randlett O, Norden C, Harris WA.

Inhibitory neuron migration and IPL formation in the developing zebrafish retina.

Development. 142(15):2665-77 (2015)

Dunn LL, Simpson PJ, Prosser HC, Lecce L, Yuen GS, Buckle A, Sieveking DP, Vanags LZ, Lim PR, Chow RW, Lam YT, Clayton Z, Bao S, Davies MJ, Stadler N, Celermajer DS, Stocker R, Bursill CA, Cooke JP, and Ng MK.

A critical role for thioredoxin-interacting protein in diabetes-related impairment of angiogenesis.

Diabetes. 63:67587. (2014)