Monash Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences has 10 schools and multiple institutes and centres, each with a unique purpose and focus.

Our Faculty has an outstanding reputation for both teaching and research.

Excellence in teaching and learning

Our students are at the centre in everything we do. We work directly with leading healthcare providers to develop and improve our educational programs, offer clinical training, online and face-to-face teaching. Our courses are delivered by industry experts and leading clinicians, providing the best possible employability outcomes and connect teaching with practice.

With a network of close to 50,000 alumni spanning across 90 countries, we are committed to making an impact globally.

Research expertise and excellence

Beyond basic science, our researchers have a clear focus on translational research. Our performance in medical and health science research is continuously ranked as well-above world class by the Excellence in Research for Australia framework.

Our research centres connect research expertise from our Faculty to address some of the world’s most complex research problems. Our hospital partnerships play a vital role in our success in translating research into practice and developing a skilled health workforce.

Below are some of our research institutes:

Our co-location at major health service providers creates the best opportunity for clinical research excellence and translation. We work closely with Monash Health, Alfred Health, Peninsula Health, Eastern Health, Epworth Healthcare, Cabrini Health and various rural and regional providers.

World-class technology platforms

The Monash Technology Research Platforms provide a seamless research service available to our industry and collaborative research partners. These platforms give us the capability to accelerate innovation in health and deliver impact to the public.

Key platforms include: