07 Nov, 2023

Professor Stephen Renshaw

Sir Arthur Hall Professor of Medicine and Head of Division of Clinical Medicine at the University of Sheffield

Zebrafish models of innate immunity


Neutrophilic inflammation underpins most of the diseases of ageing which are the scourge of health systems around the world, including common and incurable lung diseases. Despite this, the neutrophil is the target of virtually no therapies, in part due to the intractability of human neutrophils. Inspired by work in Melbourne, I generated a transgenic zebrafish model to aid the study of neutrophil function in vivo, which has proved highly useful for a range of applications. I will discuss some of these in my talk, including identification of new classes of pro-resolution therapeutic with unexpected targets and new understanding of the mechanics of phagocytosis and bacterial killing.



Professor Stephen Renshaw is the Sir Arthur Hall Professor of Medicine at the University of Sheffield and Head of Division of Clinical Medicine, combining clinical work in respiratory medicine with research into the molecular controls of inflammation resolution and host-pathogen interaction. Prof. Renshaw has a specialist interest in rare and complex interstitial lung diseases, and delivers acute respiratory care at Sheffield Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust. His key research achievement is the development of innovative transgenic zebrafish models to aid understanding of innate immunity.