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11 Oct,2021

Untangling the Heart’s Genome: Now in 3D

Research led by Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute and Monash Biomedicine Discovery Institute (BDI) researchers at Monash University has combined cutting-edge genomics and 3D “gaming” modelling to understand how all genes are expressed in different parts of the heart, unveiling complex patterns and novel markers. To help visualise this new research, the team, led by Monash […]

27 Aug,2021

ARMI scientists combine innovative technologies to improve image analysis

ARMI scientists have developed a new method to obtain specific bone measurements from imaging scans, potentially enhancing accuracy and efficiency for developmental biologists and evolutionary researchers in the field. The work, led by ARMI group leader Alberto Roselló-Díez, was recently published in Frontiers in Cell and Developmental Biology. “We have developed a user-friendly semi-automatic method […]

05 Jul,2021

Cartherics, ARMI and CCRM Australia announce new agreement for closer cooperation and collaboration

Cartherics Pty Ltd (“Cartherics”) and the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute, including commercialisation initiative CCRM Australia, announced agreements for closer cooperation and collaboration today. “Cartherics affiliation with ARMI is an important step in our development and will embed industry and academic excellence in regenerative medicine and translation to clinical medicine in cancer,” said Prof Alan Trounson, […]

16 Apr,2021

Lights Out for Parkinson’s Disease

ARMI researchers have begun to demonstrate the potential of a new method to treat Parkinson’s disease. The research, led by ARMI and EMBL Australia group leader Dr Harald Janovjak in collaboration with colleagues in Germany and Austria, was published in PLOS Genetics today. “In Parkinson’s disease, and indeed many neurodegenerative diseases, specific and very important […]

11 Feb,2021

Discovery of Naturally Occurring Protein that could Reverse Severe Muscle Wasting in Disease, Aging and Trauma

An exciting discovery by Monash University scientists may lead to faster recovery from muscle injury and wasting diseases. When we tear a muscle – stem cells within it repair the problem. We can see this occurring not only in severe muscle wasting diseases such as muscular dystrophy and in war veterans who survive catastrophic limb […]

21 Sep,2020

Future Fellowship to Develop Innovative Genomic Tools of the Future

New funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC) will boost the development of novel genomic tools at ARMI and EMBL Australia. ARMI and EMBL Australia Group leader Dr Harald Janovjak was recently awarded a  prestigious ARC Future Fellowship. This will provide $810,000 over four years to support his group’s work in developing novel genetic methods […]

06 Aug,2020

New Grant to Support ARMI Research in Understanding Blindness in Newborns

A grant funded by the Angior Family Foundation has been awarded to ARMI to study Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA), a group of inherited retinal diseases that are the most common cause of blindness in newborn children. The project will be led by Senior Research Fellow Dr Joachim Berger from the Currie Group. “I would like […]

23 Jun,2020

ARMI Scientists Harness Computing Power to Unlock Biological Networks

A new algorithm developed by ARMI researchers is set to become the gold standard in network analysis. Called “Integrated Value of Influence (IVI),” the algorithm will help systems biology scientists better understand development and disease. The work, led by PhD student Adrian (Abbas) Salavaty from the Currie Group, was recently published in Patterns– a Cell […]

17 Jun,2020

ARMI Scientists Working to Improve Regenerative Medicine

New research from ARMI scientists outlines a novel method of enhancing regenerative activity, with clinical implications on improving the effectiveness of growth factors-based therapies. Recently published in the journal Science Advances, the work was spearheaded by Dr Ziad Julier and Associate Professor Mikaël Martino, in collaboration with researchers from Switzerland and Japan. The findings explored […]

27 Nov,2019

Hopes high for futuristic tissue healing method

An international team of scientists led by Monash University and the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute in Melbourne, Australia, has cleared the way for the use of growth factors to promote tissue repair by improving the delivery system of the molecules, busting cancer side effects and potentially slashing costs. The breakthrough has the potential to improve the lives […]