The Bioinformatics Peer Prize is now open for submissions

10 Apr,2017

The Bioinformatics Peer Prize is now open for submissions

In partnership with the Centre for Systems Genomics, ARMI and Melbourne Bioinformatics, Thinkable is excited to launch the inaugural ‘Peer Prize’ for bioinformatics. The objective is to accelerate wider knowledge exchange & drive multi-disciplinary collaboration with the latest bioinformatics research from around the world, while celebrating the most exciting new discoveries made in the field as voted by peers.

Who can apply?

Entrants can come from across the world. However, you must have published a paper in the field of bioinformatics between January 1st – March 31st 2017 (either an BioarXiv pre-print or e-publication). Each paper is only eligible once.

How to Apply?  

Simply share a wider/non-jargon summary about your research paper, its implications & add a DOI or BioArxiv link so anyone can access your paper to learn more. Co-authors are eligible to apply on behalf of a team, but must seek approval from co-authors first. For the student category, entrants must have been a student at the time of publication and a first author of the paper.

What can the funds be used on?

Funds can be used on any need to help your research, whether travel or other costs.

Submissions close on April 30th, 2017.

Read more about the prize on the Thinkable website. 

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