ARMI’s research groups work in a broad range and intersection of scientific research themes and disciplines, including heart and muscle development, immunity, stem cells, neural regeneration, and organ engineering and synthetic biology.


As part of your degree, you’ll have the opportunity to complete a three or six month industry placement with a pharmaceutical, medical device, life science or regulatory organisation. Experience the challenges of commercialising biotechnology products and gain the relevant skills and experience to work in competitive industrial environments. Through your industry placement, you’ll make important connections and build your future career networks. Click here to read more about the Industry Placement Program.

SKILLED Clinical Trials Internships program

As part of the Industry placement program offered to our Master of Biotechnology students in their second year, we are pleased to have the opportunity for our students to apply for the SKILLED clinical trials internships program.

This program is managed by The Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC).

The VCCC is a powerful alliance of 10 leading research, academic and clinical institutions working together to accelerate and amplify leading-edge cancer research, knowledge and expertise to benefit the Victorian community.

With the support of the Victorian Government, the VCCC seeks to reinforce Victoria’s position at the forefront of research-led, consumer-informed, cancer prevention, detection, treatment and patient care.

The SKILLED Clinical Trials Internships program is part of the MTP Connect Researcher Exchange and Development within Industry (REDI) initiative, funded through the Australian Government’s Medical Research Future Fund.

A placement as a VCCC Clinical Trial Assistant gives you the chance to enhance your education through 24-week practical placements with one of our leading site hosts. During the program you expand the depth of your experience and build up your CV. You also receive a $12,000 VCCC Internship scholarship per placement, credit towards your degree, and on the job supervised training.

  • Key Dates – Applications open in second semester
  • Eligibility – Students need to be enrolled in BRM5022 Biotechnology work-integrated learning
  • The number of internships available varies and is dependent on funding.
  • Application Process (Dates to be determined)
    • Applicants are required to submit their CV and cover letter to ARMI.
    • Both ARMI and VCCC will review all applications and then VCCC will conduct interviews.
    • Preferred candidates are matched with host sites.
    • Host sites meet with candidates and make a recommendation to appoint