npj Regenerative Medicine is a new open access online-only journal dedicated to publishing high quality research into ways to help the human body repair, replace and regenerate damaged tissues and organs.

A new partnership

npj Regenerative Medicine is part of the Nature Partner Journals series and is published in partnership with ARMI.

npj Regenerative Medicine will provide a collaborative forum to develop effective therapies for promoting the body’s own repair, through discovery of the basic mechanisms behind the regenerative process.

The journal encourages studies that integrate basic knowledge on tissue damage and regeneration with the prospect of clinical tissue repair strategies. Read more about the aims and scopes of the journal.

Our 2019 journal metrics for npj Regenerative Medicine are as follows:

  • Impact Factor: 7.021
  • 5-Year Impact Factor: 8.298
  • Immediacy Index: 1.136
  • Eigenfactor® Score: 0.00163
  • Article Influence Score: 2.748

Benefits to authors

Did you know…

  • That npj Regenerative Medicine is an online-only, open access journal? Articles are published under a Creative Commons License, which means they are freely available to all and authors retain copyright.
  • That the millions of users of can now sign up for an e-mail copy of the table of contents for the npj Regenerative Medicine in which your article is published?
  • That all Nature Partner Journals titles have strong editorial values and adhere to a modified set of Nature editorial standards under the leadership of Nature Editor-in-Chief, Dr Magdalena Skipper?

The journal is now open for submissions.