1) Il Dek – Piazza delle Carceri n.1. (Meat/Fish/Veg). They serve lunch and dinner every day and have both indoor and outdoor seating (weather permitting). The best part? The restaurant is conveniently located right across from the Emperor’s Castle. The price per person is 55-60 euros.

2) G…iDoc RistroBistro – (Meat/Veg). Via dell’Accademia 49. Family-run restaurant. No outdoor seating. Closed on Tuesdays. Price 45 euro pp.

3) Interludio Restaurant – (Meat/Fish/Veg). Via Pomeria 64. Open Mon-Sat for lunch and dinner. Closed Sunday. They have a walled garden. Price 55-65 euro ppp.

4) Trattoria Boves – (Meat/Veg). Via Dei Lanaioli 31, Prato. Open for dinner only. Closed Sunday.  Price 45-50 euro pp.

5) Il Soldano (Duomo) – (Meat/Fish/Veg). Via di Sirena 10 (close to the cathedral). Closed Sunday & Monday. Price 40-45 euro.

Prices include beverages