Collaboration is key: the first CUHK-Monash Joint Symposium

26 Jul,2018

Collaboration is key: the first CUHK-Monash Joint Symposium

Collaboration is the cornerstone of discovery. ARMI and Monash University recognise the importance of fostering international networks to facilitate the healthy exchange and flow of not only talented scientists but also brilliant ideas. To this end, Monash University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) established an alliance in 2017, focused on developing collaborative high impact programs in the fields of stem cell biology and regenerative medicine at ARMI, and innovative medical devices at Monash’s Institute Medical Engineering (MIME).

Many symposium attendees gathered at the Monash University alumni event in Hong Kong held in conjunction with the symposium.

‘The CUHK-Monash University Alliance in Medical Education & Research is emblematic of the transnational nature of biomedical research. It also highlights the need to reach out, engage and collaborate with scientists not only from different countries but also from different streams of research, as bringing different and unique perspectives together can only improve our research program,’ commented Silvio Tiziani, Director of External Strategy and Planning for ARMI.

The alliance is already growing, strengthening and deepening. To further support the current 13 joint research projects co-supervised by 17 principal investigators from both universities, CUHK hosted the inaugural CUHK-Monash Joint Symposium on Regenerative Biology & Tissue Engineering in July, an annual event which will alternate between the two universities. A cohort of scientific and institutional leaders from ARMI travelled to Hong Kong to present their work and to hear about the novel research being conducted by their peers from MIME and CUHK.

Including topics from the role of the immune system in regeneration to stem cell niche microenvironments to the use of bioengineering techniques in regenerative medicine, the symposium facilitated the particular kind of discussion that only takes place during such scientific meetings- where old concepts are challenged and new ideas are sparked.     

‘This first symposium was a huge success. To witness such a high level of engagement across the board and throughout the meeting demonstrates how important this alliance is. We have all learnt so much and we’re excited to take this newly-gained knowledge and incorporate it in all our projects,’ stated Professor Wai Yee Chan, Director of the Institute of Tissue Engineering & Regenerative Medicine (iTERM) at CUHK.

ARMI looks forward to this regular fixture as it provides a unique opportunity for ARMI, MIME and CUHK students and research group leaders to gather and discuss their breakthrough research and to develop scientific partnerships. Undoubtedly the first group of attendees from Monash University have pocketed some new knowledge, a few fresh ideas and a dose of inspiration.

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