Dr Chris Sotiropoulos: The Ambition To Change The World Through Innovation

07 Apr,2020

Dr Chris Sotiropoulos: The Ambition To Change The World Through Innovation

ARMI is pleased to welcome Dr Chris Sotiropoulos to our array of subject matter experts on the Development Engagement Committee (DEC)!

Chris has over 25 years of global expertise in the commercialisation of innovative healthcare and IT products, bringing ambition and experience to the DEC. Chris is a ‘Jack-Of-All-Trades’ with not only a PhD in Molecular Microbiology but also has a law degree and executive training in biotech and pharma under his belt.

“To an external observer, it seems my life from the bench as a research scientist in oralmicrobiology, later as a commercial lawyer, then a commercialisation advisor, internationalbusinessman and nation-building policy advisory is disjointed. However, the underlying theme is absolutely connected and unified.”

With a goal to create a sustainable global ecosystem, Chris has a strong passion for innovations that improve lives and change the world. Throughout his career, he has facilitated the licensing and distribution of both healthcare and IT products and services from several global market segments. This is evidenced by one of his greatest achievements – involvement in the orphan diseases treatment market, alleviating pain and addressing suffering caused by rare diseases.

“I recall a discussion from a mother, emotionally describing how their child was able to share a meal with his friends for the first time – in his life!” Chris shared, “Even though my contribution was insignificant (making available the orphan medicine), listening to the impact is humbling.”

Chris identifies himself as a ‘lateral thinker’- being able to identify and deconstruct the opportunities around him to reconstruct them to serve different market segments. But, according to Chris, this must be coupled with an understanding of the importance of caring for and treating people with dignity, as this often leads to individuals feeling more comfortable in being able to express their underlying concerns.

“My interest has always been to better the lives of our global citizen, seeing all peoples as a member of an extended ‘polis’. The journey, which still has lots of twists and turns, in reflection, has been a privilege.”

Chris is excited to bring his extensive global network, including scientists, financiers, international healthcare companies and philanthropists to the DEC to help achieve ARMI’s objectives. Not only that but for Chris, joining the DEC will indulge him in his lifelong interest in regenerative medicine, which was sparked as a child through science fiction shows, finding himself fascinated with the idea of personalised medicine in the future.

“The systems biology approach to healthcare and research will lead to a renaissance of breakthroughs in the understanding of human and cellular biology.” Chris explained, “This excites me! My childhood dream is becoming a reality.”


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You can find Dr Chris Sotiropoulos on LinkedIn here.

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