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11 Apr,2019

Heart Research Transplant: From Brazil to Australia

Hailing from Brazil, Luana Santos is in the midst of a PhD at the University of São Paulo, investigating the molecular mechanisms that drive heart development. To this end, Luana has made the long journey to Australia to spend one year under the supervision of Dr Mirana Ramialison at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI). Here, she hopes […]

27 Mar,2019

Alzheimer’s disease: How ARMI Scientists are Working to Find New Treatments

Here at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute, we’re investigating the potential of regenerative medicine to treat, and hopefully, one day, reverse neurodegenerative diseases, such as Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s disease is the most common cause of dementia, a condition that usually affects the brain as we get older. With approximately 305,000 Australians suffering from the disease, it’s […]

27 Mar,2019

From A to B: ARMI and Beirut Researchers Collaborate to Unlock the Genetic Mysteries of Congenital Heart Disease

Last month, the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) was delighted to host Dr Elie Sawan, the principle Paediatric Cardiothoracic Surgeon from Hôtel-Dieu de France Hospital in Beirut, Lebanon. Dr Sawan delivered an amazing talk to ARMI and Monash University researchers, discussing his work in the field of congenital heart disease. Highlighted in his presentation was how his […]

25 Feb,2019

The Future of Medicine: Regenerative Medicine (Part I)

Regenerative medicine is an exciting and quickly emerging field. By harnessing the bodies own regenerative capabilities, regenerative medicine scientists seek to understand how we treat injuries and diseases from broken bones to neurodegenerative diseases. Conveniently, humans are already equipped with some of their own regenerative capabilities. For example, the liver is able to regrow to […]

25 Feb,2019

New Treatments, New Opportunities, New Potentials: Why We Study Regenerative Medicine (Part II)

The principles of regenerative medicine can be theoretically applied to any cell type in the body. This means that regenerative medicine holds the potential to treat most illnesses, conditions and diseases. Specifically, regenerative medicine can be used to grow or repair organs, whether it be in the context of congenital disease, physical injury or aging. […]

25 Feb,2019

At the Lab Bench in the World of Regenerative Medicine Research (Part III)

The potential of regenerative medicine to unlock new treatments, both preventative and curative, is powerful. This is why scientists study regeneration- to improve the lives of all people living with diseases, illnesses and conditions. But where do regenerative medicine scientists start? What questions are they seeking the answers to advance our progress towards such treatments? […]

25 Feb,2019

Congenital Heart Disease: How Regenerative Medicine Research is Making a Difference

Here at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute, we’re investigating the potential of regenerative medicine to treat and, hopefully, one day prevent, congenital heart disease. ‘Congenital heart diseases’ (CHDs) are the most common serious birth defect in Australia and internationally, affecting 1 in 100 live-born babies. With this troubling statistic, chances are many of us will […]

27 Aug,2018

Dr Alasdair Wood is making an impact with MyoFab

Listening to ARMI researcher Dr Alasdair Wood present at IMPACT7 2018 was both interesting and inspiring. Alasdair is in the unique business of building muscle for muscular dystrophy (MD) patients to improve their quality of life.  Making small improvements to MD patients’ muscles can have a significant impact on quality of life, just ask Mr […]

26 Jul,2018

Collaboration is key: the first CUHK-Monash Joint Symposium

Collaboration is the cornerstone of discovery. ARMI and Monash University recognise the importance of fostering international networks to facilitate the healthy exchange and flow of not only talented scientists but also brilliant ideas. To this end, Monash University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) established an alliance in 2017, focused on developing collaborative […]

26 Sep,2016

Keeping pace with white blood cells

Keeping pace with white blood cells Our bodies are always on alert. Every day, from the day we are born, our immune system recognises potential threats and seeks to destroy abnormal cells and bacteria, keeping us healthy. Our white blood cells are constantly patrolling the body, to identify foreign microbes and abnormal cells, before initiating […]