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03 Feb,2015

New stroke treatment gives brain repair hope

Herald Sun, 3 February 2015 In the Herald Sun’s article written by Brigid O’Connell, Associate Professor James Bourne was interviewed about his research into an anti-Nogo therapy, which can help patients rewire their brains after a stroke.

01 Dec,2014

ARMI Newsletter December 2014

Issue 2 of the ARMI newsletter, Regenerate, is now available for download in the ‘Resources’ section. In this issue: Nobel Prize winner Sir John Gurdon visits ARMI From the Editor Professor Peter Currie ARMI – has its own “Tower of Babel” 2014 Awards, Grants and Prizes Highlights  The Eva and Les Erdi Zebrafish Research Group BioEYES […]

14 Aug,2014

Holy grail of making stem cells in laboratory a step closer after discovery using zebrafish at Monash University

In this article, written by Lucie Van Den Berg about stem cell research, it discusses how Australian scientists had made a discovery when studying zebrafish that may lead them in making self-renewing stem cells that could be created to treat  blood disorders and diseases.  Professor Peter Currie and Dr Phong Dang Nguyen were referenced about their work with zebrafish.

01 Jul,2014

ARMI Newsletter July 2014

Issue 1 of the ARMI newsletter, Regenerate, is now available for download in the ‘Resources’ section. In this issue: The Next Evolution of Medical Treatments – Regenerative Medicine Meet the Director Getting to know the Deputy Director Seven years of ARMI research and discovery ARMI Staff Profiles

06 Oct,2013

Zebrafish and spinal cord injury

Featured on Channel 9 News – Zebrafish & Spinal Cord Injury (Sunday 6 October 2013) This news story focused on how zebrafish may be the cure for spinal cord injury.  Professor Peter Currie and Dr Yona Goldshmit, from the Australian Regenerative Medicine institute, were interviewed in response to how zebrafish may be the cure for […]