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21 Feb,2020

Lighting the Way at OptoAus20

Optogenetics is a rapidly evolving research technology, with an increasing number of highly-cited publications, licensed patents and now two clinical trials employing the tool in some way. A technique that uses light to control cells in tissue, optogenetics has a myriad of applications and holds great promise in both research and clinical settings. With a […]

19 Feb,2020

Record number of students at ARMI in 2020

The student body forms such an integral part of a research institute. Not only are they key participants in the work involved in scientific discovery, but also significant contributors to the overall fun of the laboratory; injecting youthful enthusiasm into the atmosphere, imparting invigorating energy in the lab, and sharing fresh ideas with the research […]

24 Jan,2020

Growing Leaders: Alberto Roselló-Díez receives Young Investigator Award

ARMI group leader Alberto Roselló-Díez is a young researcher on the rise. With already a decorated 2019 in tow, Alberto has kicked off 2020 with yet another award – the 2020 ASBMR [American Society for Bone and Mineral Research] John Haddad Young Investigator Award. The award, which means Alberto is one of an esteemed group of 10 […]

16 Dec,2019

Unlocking neural regeneration: How ARMI scientists are working to understand the brain and spinal cord

Over 700,000 Australians have a brain or spinal cord injury. The majority of these Australians are under 40, with two out of every three brain injuries happening before the age of 25. Many of these patients will need lifelong care, making it a financial burden not only on the patient, but also the healthcare system. Beyond the monetary, […]

05 Dec,2019

The New Beating Heart of Monash University

Artist’s impression showing internal view of the Victorian Heart Hospital. Credit: VHHSBA The year 2022 will be a landmark year for the Monash University Clayton campus as it is the year the Victorian Heart Hospital, Australia’s first hospital to be dedicated to cardiac care, is due to be completed. The project, funded by the Victorian Government in […]

01 Dec,2019

Regenerate Newsletter – November 2019

The November 2019 of the ARMI newsletter, Regenerate, is now available to view in the ‘Resources’ section. Here are some of the highlights for ARMI in November: Seeing More Clearly Now with New Research Cracking the Hox Code Hopes high for futuristic tissue healing method Cells study helping to crack the code to Alzheimer’s disease Unravelling congenital […]

20 Nov,2019

Cracking the Hox Code

The human body navigates movement with astonishing success, displaying locomotor actions that are fluid and coordinated. This ability is the mystery that the McGlinn group is attempting to unravel. Now, they are one step closer with the recent publication of their paper, “A Hox code defines spinocerebellar neuron subtype regionalisation” in Cell Reports. Corresponding author Associate Professor Edwina McGlinn, ARMI […]

30 Oct,2019

Regenerate Newsletter – October 2019

The October 2019 of the ARMI newsletter, Regenerate, is now available to view in the ‘Resources’ section. Here are some of the highlights for ARMI in October: Claude’s Contributions to China Celebrated Another Award for Avnika! Building New Collaborations: The 1st Monash-Osaka Joint Symposium Well done to ARMI Honours and Masters students 3D Cardiomics Build Your Own Opto-tools […]

20 Oct,2019

Building New Collaborations: The 1st Monash-Osaka Joint Symposium

ARMI is committed to establishing and developing new partnerships to facilitate its world-leading, ground-breaking research. When different researchers with similar interests come together to share expertise, resources and personnel, exciting, new research is made possible. A great leap forward in the ARMI network occurred earlier this month with the 1st Monash University – Osaka University […]

07 Oct,2019

Another Award for Avnika!

Congratulations to ARMI researcher Dr Avnika Ruparelia from the Currie group on receiving the Inaugural Australia and New Zealand Society for Cell and Developmental Biology (ANZSCDB) Early Career Researcher Award in Developmental Biology. The award has been established to encourage and support early-career researchers working towards independent research careers in the fields of cell and developmental biology. “I’m honoured and […]