Growing Leaders: Alberto Roselló-Díez receives Young Investigator Award

24 Jan,2020

Growing Leaders: Alberto Roselló-Díez receives Young Investigator Award

ARMI group leader Alberto Roselló-Díez is a young researcher on the rise. With already a decorated 2019 in tow, Alberto has kicked off 2020 with yet another award – the 2020 ASBMR [American Society for Bone and Mineral Research] John Haddad Young Investigator Award.

The award, which means Alberto is one of an esteemed group of 10 emerging scientists in the field from around the world, will enable Alberto to participate in the AIMM [Advances in Mineral Metabolism]/ASBMR Young Investigators’ Meeting in Snowmass (Colorado, USA) in April. By providing financial support to attend the meeting, the ASBMR aims to facilitate the professional development of young basic and clinical scientists in the field of bone and mineral metabolism.

“I’m very excited by this opportunity,” said Alberto. “This grant will help me attend a meeting where I can present my work and discuss the latest in bone research with senior investigators. This opportunity will greatly help my development as a young emerging group leader.”

The value of these opportunities cannot be understated- the exchange of ideas can be the spark for a groundbreaking study, and the seeding of translational collaborations can accelerate the progress of research. Alberto added, “Collaboration can foster creativity and speed-up inter-disciplinary research, which is critical in science. It’s great to have the ASBMR support a forum that facilities this.”

This is very much aligned with the ethos of John Haddad Jr, after whom the award is named. Dr Haddad was a regular and active participant in AIMM, a Past-President of ASBMR and a pioneer in vitamin D metabolism research in both the laboratory and the clinic. “We should sponsor investigation, training, communication of knowledge in all areas of mineral/bone biology, diagnostics, therapeutics…we should work to recognise trainees’ investigative efforts by providing a stable, nurturing society that bolsters funding and addresses their needs…we should honour meritorious investigators in our field.”

Such an award recognises Alberto’s growing talent and leadership- Congratulations, Alberto!

More information

The Roselló-Díez group studies the signals that operate within the bones and between them and other tissues/organs during development and regeneration. For more information on Dr Alberto Roselló-Díez and his group at ARMI, please visit the Roselló-Díez Group page. You can contact Dr Alberto Roselló-Díez via or follow him on Twitter @RoselloDiez.

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