New experience, perspective, and Institute leadership.

09 Nov,2017

New experience, perspective, and Institute leadership.

ARMI is proud to introduce the Industry Advisory Committee.

As an internationally focused institution, it’s perfect for ARMI to welcome its newly formed Industry Advisory Committee (IAC) a sub committee of the Leadership Advisory Board. ARMI has an international reputation for its dedication to unlocking the regenerative capabilities of the human body. By working as a strategic scanning mechanism, the IAC is committed to furthering industry engagement and related strategies. By keeping up to date with current trends and assisting ARMI in identifying needs and opportunities in the regenerative science sector, the IAC is broadening horizons for ARMI and its research. With the appointed chair, Dr David Rhodes who has more than 16 years experience of accelerating the commercialisation of science in Australia, the IAC boasts a range of national and international members, including leaders from the United Kingdom, Europe, Japan, and the USA. The IAC brings a broad depth of knowledge, perspective, and experience to ARMI that is new and exciting.

Earlier this year, with the agreement of the ARMI Leadership Advisory Board (ARMILAB), the IAC was formed with ARMILAB member Dr David Rhodes as Chair. Members were recruited individually by David and Silvio Tiziani, Director of External Strategy and Planning at ARMI. “We see this committee as a terrific resource that we can draw on for a number different purposes and we’re grateful for the members’ contribution which is being provided on an honorary basis” commented Silvio. “They have a broad depth of experience in the exciting regenerative medicine sector, particularly from an industry perspective. And our research program needs to be informed by industry requirements”.

With the expertise, networking, and perspective provided by members, the IAC will advise ARMILAB and Institute leadership on current and emerging regenerative medicine industry practice and technological developments. This, in turn, will provide ARMI with information to make informed decisions on the Institute’s future research programs and related activities. This ensures ARMI can consider strategic positioning and future directions in regenerative medicine research, including engaging with funders and government agencies. The IAC members, such as recent award winner Lusia Guthrie (for AusBiotech Johnson & Johnson Innovation Industry Excellence) currently include:

  • Dr David Rhodes (Chair)
  • Professor Abid Khan
  • Dr Damien Bates
  • Mr Gordon Waldron
  • Dr Jonathan Fitzgerald
  • Dr Julian Chick
  • Dr Julie Cherrington
  • Dr Lusia Guthrie
  • Dr Paul Bello
  • Sara Mary Hall

The future of the IAC is bright. With plans already in place for the coming year, there’s plenty to look forward to. Starting with meetings of ARMI’s locally based members, and including a program of planned visits to and from international visitors, ARMI can expect a flood of new opportunities and connections in the near future. With the expertise of Dr David Rhodes and the collaboration between international and local members, the newly formed IAC has a promising future ahead!

For more information on Industry Advisory Committee and its respective members please visit the committee page.

Contact information

Dr David Rhodes

Adjunct Associate Professor

Chair, ARMI, Industry Advisory Board

Mobile: +61 (0)4 1853 6209


Mr Silvio Tiziani

Director, External Strategy and Planning, ARMI

Phone: +61 (0)3 9902 9603

Mobile: +61 (0)4 1853 6209


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The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) is dedicated to unlocking the regenerative capabilities of the human body. ARMI is a medical research centre based at the Clayton Campus of Monash University. Boasting 15 research groups studying a variety of regenerative approaches, ARMI is one of the largest regenerative medicine and stem cell research hubs in the world.

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