A campaign that’s One in a Million

12 Aug,2017

A campaign that’s One in a Million

The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) launched the One in a Million: Women in STEMM campaign on 1 June to fund scholarships for talented female researchers from around the world to join the ARMI research team.

Women that are one in a million

ARMI Development Advisor, Peter Dalton, explains the focus of the campaign.

“The scholarships are for women that are literally one in a million. Research opportunities belong to everyone, wherever they’re from or their gender,” he says.

“Female scientists simply don’t have the same career options in regenerative medicine research as their male colleagues. We want to change that, one scholarship at a time and get the best and the brightest at ARMI.”

Going big

The ambitious goal of raising $1 million doesn’t daunt ARMI and their development team. One in a Million is one of the biggest not-for-profit medical research campaigns Australia has ever seen.

“We know there are people out there ready to put their money where their mouth is and support boosting females in our field to research injury and diseases like diabetes, heart disease, cancer and MS,” says Peter.

“We can’t wait to welcome more female scientists to ARMI, and they’ll know they’re here because the community believes in them.”

Telling the story of regenerative medicine

The campaign is also an opportunity to raise community awareness of regenerative medicine.

“We’re researching treatments to help the body repair itself. This is research making a difference to real people and their quality of life,” he says.

“It’s a chance to tell our story, and to hear the stories of lives changed by regenerative medicine.”

Can’t wait to donate?

Imagine knowing you supported the scientist who makes a breakthrough in treating cancer, diabetes, heart disease or MS. We are accepting donations via the Monash Giving website; visit the ARMI page and write ‘Million Dollar Campaign’ in the comments section, and it’ll give us a head start. The Monash Giving website can be accessed here: https://community.monash.edu.au/givetoarmi

Keep up to date with regenerative medicine via the ARMI Facebook page.

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