Imagine if… ARMI’s Community Partnership Program. It’s time to talk science

05 Mar,2018

Imagine if… ARMI’s Community Partnership Program. It’s time to talk science

Imagine a future where will be able to control our bodies and accelerate our healing—it’s time to talk regenerative medicine—a complex but fantastical field that holds amazing potential for human health.

ARMI researchers are focused on learning more about how the body develops and repairs itself so that this information can be used to treat certain diseases, conditions and injuries. To further our understanding, we work with model organisms with regenerative capacities, including zebrafish and axolotls, and study the underlying mechanisms that give stem cells their unique abilities.

The process of translating treatments from the lab bench to the bedside and changing lives can be long and arduous, but it starts at research facilities, such as ARMI. As we take the first steps in this process, we advocate for engaging with our community, rather than disengaging by hiding behind complex scientific jargon and concepts. Instead, we believe it is important to offer an inside look at our research in a language we can all understand.

Introducing our community partnership program

At ARMI, we don’t just feel an obligation — but a wish— to communicate our research to the public. We have put together a program for the public, comprising some of our most senior and junior scientists to discuss our research.

ARMI scientists will be visiting a host of community clubs and associations this year to help bridge the gap in public knowledge around the capabilities of regenerative medicine. Our scientists will share the types of research they are embarking on, as well as what drives them to work towards early-stage discoveries, which may have the potential to treat debilitating diseases such as multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s.

It is of paramount importance that the research we do is not conducted behind closed doors, but that the community understands the benefits that can stem from regenerative medicine, as well as the many challenges associated with this type of research.

More information

Bookings for our community partnership program for 2018 are now open. To find out more about booking a session, please contact Heather Marriott via or +61 3 9902 9614.

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