Jeremy Nestel: ARMILAB’s Newest Member Attracts Donations through Engagement

11 Oct,2018

Jeremy Nestel: ARMILAB’s Newest Member Attracts Donations through Engagement

ARMI is pleased to welcome its newest member to the Leadership Advisory Board (ARMILAB), Jeremy Nestel. As an investment banker and scientific advocate, Jeremy brings new skills to ARMILAB, furthering its mission to enhance the reputation and positioning of ARMI by liaising with key stakeholders and the broader community.

Jeremy is particularly excited by this scientific field, “it excited me because it has a very compelling story” commented Jeremy. “The potential that lies behind ARMI and regenerative medicine captured my interest and imagination, and I wanted to instil those same feelings in those who have the capacity and philanthropic structures in place. It’s my job [as part of ARMILAB] to showcase the research taking place and to see if any of those fields excite or attract potential donors.”

Having retired from the fast-paced life of investment banking in 2010, Jeremy was keen to contribute to the science community. Holding senior executive roles at Citibank Australia, London and Hong Kong, Jeremy has built strong networks and a unique knowledge of the investment industry. At ARMI, he will employ these skills to attract funding and donations that will enable the building of better facilities and support for researchers.

Jeremy was appointed to ARMILAB in September 2018, having previously held the role of Chairman of Monash University’s Medical Foundation. Working with members of the ARMILAB Board, Jeremy will be responsible for leveraging networks to attract donors who are passionate about this type of science.

“You must have people engaged in the research [to fund it]. These people are very successful in business and they can bring enormous contributions. To get them engaged, we have to try to have a conversation” commented Jeremy. “Often [when you take them through the lab] you find that a piece of information grabs their attention, such as a disease that they’ve had experience with or have witnessed first-hand. And then the conversation switches gear to something much deeper. Once you get into that deeper conversation, the engagement increases, which can ultimately lead to a stronger level of commitment and support”.

Jeremy’s first point of focus will be to help secure funds for the new Alzheimer’s Brain Repair Centre at Monash University. In collaboration with ARMI, the centre will investigate ways to treat, and potentially reverse Alzheimer’s disease. $3 – $5 million in funding is required to invest in its research and research team. While a large undertaking, we believe Jeremy is up to the task, granted he has time to enjoy some tennis and food and wine – the best of luck!

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You can find Mr Jeremy Nestel on LinkedIn here.

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