Regenerate Newsletter – Spring Edition 2017

06 Sep,2017

Regenerate Newsletter – Spring Edition 2017

The Spring 2017 of the ARMI newsletter, Regenerate, is now available for download in the ‘Resources’ section. Here are just some of the highlights for ARMI in the third quarter of 2017:

  • ARMI is proud to announce four of our researchers have received awards  – Ben Cao, Hozana Castillo, Peter Currie and Ziad Julier. 
  • Mark Tuesday, 31 October in your calendar. It’s the day the 24-hour crowdfunding campaign kicks off for the One in a Million: Women in STEMM campaign.
  • Dr Zita Unger, who sits on the Australian Regenerative Medicine Leadership Advisory Board (ARMILAB), believes communication is the key to fulfilling the vision of ARMI.
  • Associate Professor Andrew Laslett’s Group at ARMI is focused on investigating the biology of human pluripotent stem cell lines, including human ESC and iPSC. 
  • ARMI has partnered with ReNerve, a biotechnology startup with tissue engineering technology which has been developed right here in Melbourne.
  • ARMI to host the first of three symposia on Regenerative Medicine and Developmental Biology (the ABC Symposia)
  • Australian study clears way to growing replacement body organs

Discover what other highlights have emerged and read the diverse range articles in the latest edition of Regenerate.

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