Strengthening bonds: ARMI attends the 2018 ABC Symposium in Chile

25 Oct,2018

Strengthening bonds: ARMI attends the 2018 ABC Symposium in Chile

Group Leader, Dr Mirana Ramialison’s presentation at the ABC Symposium on cis-heart regulation. Photo credit: Silvio Tiziani

Last year, ARMI was the host of the ABC Symposium. Bringing together leading researchers from Australia, Brazil and Chile (ABC), the symposia is an ongoing commitment to strengthen ARMI’s international relationships and discuss cutting-edge regenerative medicine and developmental biology across the three countries.

As the second of three symposiums, Chile featured talks in both Santiago and Puerto Varas. The symposium involved local organisers—the Centre for Genome Regulation (CGR), Brazilian Biosciences National Laboratory (LNbio) and the Center for Aging and Regeneration (Care Chile UC).

The symposium was held in two sessions on October 22nd at Santiago and resort town Puerto Varas on October 23rd. ARMI’s Director of External Strategy and Planning, Silvio Tiziani, delivered the Symposium’s introductory remarks, alongside local organisers, Prof Juan Larrain (Care Chile UC) and Prof Miguel Allende (CGR). For Silvio, strengthening international bonds and continuing to build stronger collaborations are a key part of these symposia.

“The Institute’s collaborations with South America’s leading regenerative medicine researchers goes back several years and has led to many exchanges of staff, students and expertise between Australia and South America in particular with Chile and Brazil. Results from these collaborations are now being published in leading scientific journals, and a highly functional ‘ABC network’ of researchers is being developed. The symposium is an integral opportunity to create even stronger collaborative activities and to renew our friendships. We are very much looking forward to the next symposium in Brazil in 2019″ commented Silvio.

Laura Galvis Vargas’s presentation at the ABC Symposium on dissecting the role of FGFR-4 in skeletal muscle. Photo credit: Andrew Laslett

Several ARMI researchers joined the symposium as representatives and speakers presenting on topics concerning their particular fields. Our representatives included Group Leaders Dr Mirana Ramialison (Ramialison Group), Associate Professor Andrew Laslett (Laslett Group) and PhD student Laura Galvis Vargas. Institute Director Professor Peter Currie was invited to be a keynote speaker at the concurrent scientific conference, the annual meeting of the Sociedad de Biología Celular de Chile.

For Mirana Ramialison, who presented her group’s research, the “symposium enables the development of exciting new collaborative projects that would not be possible without combined expertise.”

With the third symposium planned for 2019 in Brazil, ARMI looks forward to another opportunity to engage and strengthen its international relationships with these extraordinary countries. A big thank you to all our representatives who contributed to this successful event. We look forward to next year.

Holidaying in Chile around the Symposium. From left to right; Dr Joanne Watson, Laura Galvis Vargas and ARMI Director, Professor Peter Currie Photo credit: Associate Professor Andrew Laslett

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