The Board’s newest addition, Tim Murphy understands the Value of Collaboration.

18 Mar,2018

The Board’s newest addition, Tim Murphy understands the Value of Collaboration.

Bridging the gap between business and research can be a tricky endeavour, often one tackled best by those experienced in both fields. In late 2007, Australia’s Innovation Minister, Senator Kim Carr, knew this also, relying on his senior advisor to guide him. His advisor, Tim Murphy, was precisely this. He brought with him specialised knowledge and skills in both business and science, the cumulation of an expansive career. Little did we know then, that Tim would be joining us here at ARMI as a member of the Leadership Advisory Board (ARMILAB)

Tim learned early on how much he valued the communication side of science. “I’ve been in and around the development of science for a long time,” beamed Tim. “I started my career doing research, [but] I had a couple of jobs in the arts industry. By that stage of my life, I realised how much I loved being in that interface with the public—but I wanted to get back into the science.”

Since its opening in 2009, ARMI has made numerous contributions to regenerative medicine and stem cell research. These achievements are in no small part a result of the collaborative effort between researchers, supporters and boards. ARMILAB works closely with senior management to promote the vision, role and accomplishments of the institute. And as a new member, Tim will be asking the big questions. “What does our future look like as an organisation and how do we maintain our sustainability? Are we keeping abreast of what is happening in the medical field? Does it lead to change? Are we bringing our people along with us?”

Tim began his career as a scientist, having graduated with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) from La Trobe University. After moving on from his first job as a research scientist at the Peter MacCallum Cancer Institute, Tim’s career took a unique turn, where he became the marketing coordinator for the Melbourne Festival and then marketing director for the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI). There, he realised his passion for public communication. It was from there he went on to establish the BioMelbourne Network, and later secured the role of senior advisor for the Minister of Innovation with the Australian government. It was this role that finally allowed Tim to bring together his knowledge of science and the public space.

“I established the BioMelbourne Network as a way to facilitate the industry, to help create an opportunity to find a partner who you can collaborate with, instead of searching for yourself,” said Tim. “It was an intersection between the research community, industry, start-up companies and service providers.”

Today Tim works as a consultant where he offers his skills through strategic planning and securing business growth. Despite the demands on his day, Tim, like many within ARMI, has an affinity towards art, confessing that he has a love of abstract art.

Welcome to ARMILAB Tim, we look forward to your valuable contribution in the year ahead.

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