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10 Nov,2020

ARMI Relaxes and Refreshes

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, ARMI instigated its COVID-safe workplace plan to enable our critical regenerative medicine research to continue. However, this has meant a reduced number of scientists allowed onsite and moving many of our seminars and events online. This has been important in ensuring the health and safety of our staff and students. […]

26 Oct,2020

Dr Giuseppe Lucarelli: Training the Next Generation of Regenerative Medicine Leaders

ARMI would like to extend a warm welcome to Dr Giuseppe Lucarelli, who joined Dr Chau Khuong in managing the Master of Biotechnology program earlier this year. While Giuseppe may have joined us during the COVID-19 pandemic lockdown, he’s been kept busy with the delivery of high-quality content to the Master’s course and supporting the […]

19 Oct,2020

ARMI’s Leaders of Science and Science Communication

Communication is a key aspect of having a career in science. Whether it be presenting research to peers at a conference, explaining projects to one’s grandparents or appealing to the greater public to support research. This very fact has not changed for many decades, but what has changed is how we communicate. Papers and posters […]

21 Sep,2020

Future Fellowship to Develop Innovative Genomic Tools of the Future

New funding from the Australian Research Council (ARC) will boost the development of novel genomic tools at ARMI and EMBL Australia. ARMI and EMBL Australia Group leader Dr Harald Janovjak was recently awarded a  prestigious ARC Future Fellowship. This will provide $810,000 over four years to support his group’s work in developing novel genetic methods […]

24 Aug,2020

Duncan Thomson: From Veterinarian Science to the Regenerative Medicine Industry

ARMI is pleased to welcome Duncan Thomson to our Industry Advisory Committee (IAC), where he joins a distinguished list of regenerative medicine and biotechnology experts. Duncan brings a unique breadth and depth of expertise to the IAC, with a career spanning over 25 years and several different countries. With his experience in practice (as a […]

06 Aug,2020

New Grant to Support ARMI Research in Understanding Blindness in Newborns

A grant funded by the Angior Family Foundation has been awarded to ARMI to study Leber Congenital Amaurosis (LCA), a group of inherited retinal diseases that are the most common cause of blindness in newborn children. The project will be led by Senior Research Fellow Dr Joachim Berger from the Currie Group. “I would like […]

07 Jul,2020

npj Regenerative Medicine Passes Significant Milestones

npj Regenerative Medicine, an online journal created by ARMI in partnership with Nature Springer, has passed two exciting new milestones. Impact factor (IF) data recently released by Clarivate Analytics has revealed that npj Regenerative Medicine has a debut IF of 7.021 and is ranked in the first quartile for citations in both of the journal’s […]

23 Jun,2020

ARMI Scientists Harness Computing Power to Unlock Biological Networks

A new algorithm developed by ARMI researchers is set to become the gold standard in network analysis. Called “Integrated Value of Influence (IVI),” the algorithm will help systems biology scientists better understand development and disease. The work, led by PhD student Adrian (Abbas) Salavaty from the Currie Group, was recently published in Patterns– a Cell […]

17 Jun,2020

ARMI Scientists Working to Improve Regenerative Medicine

New research from ARMI scientists outlines a novel method of enhancing regenerative activity, with clinical implications on improving the effectiveness of growth factors-based therapies. Recently published in the journal Science Advances, the work was spearheaded by Dr Ziad Julier and Associate Professor Mikaël Martino, in collaboration with researchers from Switzerland and Japan. The findings explored […]

02 Jun,2020

ARMI From Home: Q&A with Pete Currie – Part II

The COVID-19 pandemic has necessitated an unprecedented and coordinated response from every corner of the community, and this includes ARMI. To do our bit to help ‘flatten the curve,’ ARMI implemented its working from home plan in late March. For scientists who are often in the lab doing experiments, trying to troubleshoot by talking to […]