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15 Mar,2018

Regenerative medicine through the lens of an artist

In 2017 we ran our first Artist in Residence program, inviting nine talented artists to each spend a week exploring the theme of regeneration whilst being immersed in the research environment. They experienced cutting edge science first hand, took part in experiments and picked the brains of our brilliant scientists. They were also allowed to […]

14 Mar,2018

The Science of Juggling: Mirana Ramialison on Research and Motherhood

Life of the female scientist will inevitably incur more career disruptions than that of their male counterparts. For Mirana, her disruption is a tug of war -albeit a good one- between her two loves; science and motherhood. Heading off for six months maternity leave in April, it’s a frantic time for Mirana at ARMI. Juggling […]

05 Mar,2018

Imagine if… ARMI’s Community Partnership Program. It’s time to talk science

Imagine a future where will be able to control our bodies and accelerate our healing—it’s time to talk regenerative medicine—a complex but fantastical field that holds amazing potential for human health. ARMI researchers are focused on learning more about how the body develops and repairs itself so that this information can be used to treat […]

27 Feb,2018

The ISSCR is coming to Melbourne – and ARMI will be there

The International Society for Stem Cell Research (ISSCR) is coming to Melbourne and with it, it brings some of the greatest minds in stem cell research, including ARMI’s Director of Research, Professor Peter Currie who will be presenting a session on ‘Stem Cells in Organ Development and Maintenance’. The not-for-profit organisation, established in 2002, has […]

23 Jan,2018

Vital mechanism underlying the interplay between neuronal activity and myelination uncovered in new research

A new publication in the high-impact journal Nature Communications from the Merson group at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) has further defined the relationship between neuronal activity and the process of myelination, a critical step in the development of the central nervous system and in the maintenance of healthy brain function. This research provides novel insights […]

15 Jan,2018

New research highlights crucial protein-protein interactions in muscle development

A discovery from the Currie Group at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI), recently published in the high-impact journal Cell Reports, has shown a crucial role for TCP-1 ring complex (TRiC) in the formation of skeletal muscle and the hereditary neuromuscular disorder, nemaline myopathy. This work, led by Senior Research Fellow Dr Joachim Berger, provides novel insights into […]

04 Jan,2018

Australian study demonstrates newborn visual pathway vital to reaching and grasping behaviour

A discovery led by Australian scientists at the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute at Monash University published today, confirms the importance of the transient visual pathway in supporting the reach and grasp response commonly seen in newborn primates within the first few hours or days after birth. ‘This discovery demonstrates the presence and importance of the […]

14 Dec,2017

A young boy missing the visual centre of his brain retains vision – stunning researchers.

In a first-time discovery (shocking doctors and researchers alike) a young Australian boy has retained his vision despite missing the visual cortex of his brain. Due to a rare metabolic disorder, the seven year old boy – referred to as ‘BI’ – showed no flaws in his vision other than that of nearsightedness. Following the […]

13 Dec,2017

Ground-breaking research reveals critical mechanisms of cell reprogramming

In a host of publications spearheaded by Associate Professor Jose Polo from the Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute and the Monash University Biomedicine Discovery Institute, an international team of scientists have uncovered key aspects of cell reprogramming. Over a decade ago, Japanese scientists described a cassette of four transcription factors that could transform any cell into […]

12 Dec,2017

Regenerate Newsletter – Summer Edition 2017

The Summer 2017 of the ARMI newsletter, Regenerate, is now available for download in the ‘Resources’ section. Here are just some of the highlights for ARMI in the final quarter of 2017: New discoveries pave the way for improved understanding of stem cell research tools. Meet Dr Harald Janovjak. He’s a basic biology researcher with […]