Monash-CUHK collaboration

Monash University and The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) established a PhD exchange programme in 2017. The programme aims to provide our PhD students with opportunities to access research expertise, resources and infrastructure at both institutions.

The programme is administered by the Monash University Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences (FMNHS) and The CUHK Faculty of Medicine. The faculties share both common and complementary research strengths and capabilities and a strong focus on translational research outcomes.

The programme aims to provide benefits to both institutions that we are better able to harness together, namely:

  • build new collaborative partnerships between our researchers that addresses world-relevant and strategically important problems which will open new research translation opportunities between Australia and China;
  • Support and strengthen research excellence at each institution;
  • Meet industry and government demand for universities to produce STEM graduates with a global perspective and able to be researcher/clinicians;
  • Access external funding for large scale research projects;
  • Build sustainable health research capacity by attracting high quality PhD’s, Post Docs and academic leaders into strategic research themes.

The PhD exchange programme currently focusses on two common strategic research themes for medicine at both Monash and CUHK:

Projects for prospective PhD students

Each project will be supervised by a Monash main supervisor and a CUHK co-supervisor. Available projects at Monash can be accessed via the Monash website. Please click here to view available projects and contact details at CUHK.

For more information visit the Monash University website.