The Australian Regenerative Medicine is a research institute of the Faculty of Medicine, Nursing and Health Sciences at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia.

ARMI is highly interested in expanding its global network with a main focus on South America. Intercontinental interactions over the last two years have resulted in the creation of an innovative South American Program.

The program aims to provide a mutually beneficial relationship with South American laboratories and researchers, which includes:

  • Establishment of research collaborations and exchange of scientific knowledge.
  • Provision of infrastructure and expertise.
  • Exchange of expertise and placement of competitive researchers at ARMI for doctoral or postdoctoral programs.

As a result of this program, ARMI has partnered with leading laboratories in Brazil and Chile to hold scientific symposia annually.

Funding opportunities

ARMI’s mission is to seek the best researchers from around the world. Consistent with this goal, several scholarships and fellowship programs are available in Australia and South America to support the exchange of South American students and researchers. The Ciência sem Fronterias scholarship program has already attracted early career researchers, including Hozana Castillo from Brazil, who have had a rewarding experience at ARMI.

This is a terrific opportunity for South American students and early career scientists passionate about regenerative medicine to continue their research careers at Monash university. Monash University is ranked in the top one per cent of the world’s universities (it was ranked 57th in the 2022 survey by Times Higher Education). In particular, ARMI is a global destination for those wishing to extend their expertise in regenerative medicine research.

Monash University also offers international doctoral scholarships and is eligible to host students under the Victoria Latin America Doctoral Scholarship and the Chile Bicentennial Scholarship. If you are interested in studying at ARMI, watch the video below to learn more about the Institute’s research program.

ARMI welcomes potential students – please contact with Jane McCausland, Student Program Manager.

Studying in Melbourne

As well as studying at an Institute that has garnered a global reputation as being one of the best of its kind, you’ll also get to live in Melbourne, a city that has been named ‘world’s most liveable city’.

Experience all Melbourne has to offer while working with world-class scientists and facilities.



Professor Allende, Director of the FONDAP Center for Genome Regulation at Universidad de Chile, is well-known for his decades of research in developmental genetics, focusing on the developmental biology and molecular genetics of zebrafish.

As part of his visit to Monash, hosted by the Monash University Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) (, Professor Allende gave a talk on his most recent work on ‘Examining cell behaviours induced by damage to the zebrafish nervous system‘. He also described his novel findings from studying South American fish such as the genus Orestias, which inhabit the high-altitude salt lakes of Chile and the genus Austrolebias, a fish endemic to Uruguay. Read the article here.


Photos from @Ramialison_lab

The Ramialison lab from ARMI Monash in South America, at Austrade Education in Chile.
ARMI Monash at the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro, Biophysics & Biomedical Sciences.

Great science at ARMI Monah’s mini Heart Symposium with international speakers.

Get in contact

For any other enquiries about ARMI and the opportunities available, don’t hesitate to get in touch with A/Prof Mirana Ramialison.