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14 Jun,2017

ARMI to lead research for international company

The Australian branch of Cell Mogrify, a company that drastically reduces the time it takes to reprogram cells, is run by A/Prof Jose Polo, Associate Professor and group leader at ARMI. In 2006, Japanese researchers stunned the world by showing that mature cells could be reprogrammed to become induced pluripotent stem cells, which could then, […]

10 Jun,2017

Matter of the heart: Spotlight on Dr Janine Kirk

We sat down with Dr Janine Kirk, Chair of ARMILAB, to discuss her reasons for taking an active leadership role with the Institute and her hopes for ARMI. Dr Janine Kirk is chair of The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute Leadership Advisory Board (ARMILAB), which works with senior management and liaises with key stakeholders. She brings […]

28 May,2017

Artists have arrived at ARMI

The ARMI Artist in Residence Program has begun, with four artists visiting the Institute. Successful applicants have one week’s full access to the Institute, supervised access to labs, and can pick the brains of scientists at the cutting edge of regenerative medicine research for inspiration. A sneak peak of some of each of the artists’ […]

26 May,2017

ARMI announces quail facility to study skeletal muscle regeneration

In June 2016, Dr Olivier Serralbo received ARMI’s first shipment of quails – the start of a yearlong process to build the Monash Transgenic Quail Facility (MTQF) at ARMI, a significant step in fast-tracking our understanding of skeletal muscle regeneration.​ This work has been a while in the making – Dr Serralbo and Professor Marcelle […]

23 May,2017

International bioinformatics competition proves high thinkability

Thinkable, an online innovation platform that allows organisations to source, showcase & celebrate the latest research from across the world, has joined forces with The Australian Regenerative Medicine Institute (ARMI) at Monash University, Centre for Systems Genomics at the University of Melbourne and Melbourne Bioinformatics to host their first global ‘Peer Prize’ for bioinformatics. ARMI […]

17 May,2017

ARMI Opens the Vault, opening up a conversation on regenerative medicine

Scientists in regenerative medicine have two choices: to champion the technology to the public, ensure an acknowledgement and public understanding of the risks and benefits that exist, to ultimately negotiate approval through constant and sincere public engagement – or not. If we fail to maintain public support for regenerative medicine research, approval for regenerative medicine […]

11 Apr,2017

Regenerate Newsletter – Autumn Edition 2017

Here are just some of the highlights for ARMI in the first quarter of 2017: Everyone loves a giant cheque: To end 2016, ARMI celebrated its first ever crowd funding for Muscular Dystrophy research – with a cheque presentation. ARMI partnered up with the crowd funding team Charidy to successfully beat an initial target of $10,000 […]

10 Apr,2017

The Bioinformatics Peer Prize is now open for submissions

In partnership with the Centre for Systems Genomics, ARMI and Melbourne Bioinformatics, Thinkable is excited to launch the inaugural ‘Peer Prize’ for bioinformatics. The objective is to accelerate wider knowledge exchange & drive multi-disciplinary collaboration with the latest bioinformatics research from around the world, while celebrating the most exciting new discoveries made in the field as voted by […]

04 Apr,2017

ARMI researchers unlock new therapy to improve outcomes for stroke patients

ARMI researchers unlock new therapy to improve outcomes for stroke patients. A potential regenerative medicine therapy could decrease disability in people after stroke and other brain injuries. The new therapy is based on a naturally occurring molecule called ephrin-A1 and is most effective when given one week after a stroke, says Associate Professor James Bourne, […]

12 Mar,2017

Regenerative medicine ripe for commercial success

Regenerative medicine has great potential to create new therapies for people, and interest in the field is rapidly growing in Australia, says Associate Professor David Rhodes, new ARMI Leadership Advisory Board member. “As Australia’s population ages, researchers, industry and governments are interested in supporting regenerative medicine to create effective therapies and manufacturing opportunities for Australia.” […]