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23 Nov,2016

Regenerate Newsletter – Spring Edition 2016

Here are just some of the highlights for ARMI in the second half of 2016: ARMI and Monash just ran their first ever crowd funding campaign for Muscular Dystrophy research – and it was a huge success! ARMI PhD Danni Ratnayake talks about her experience of volunteering at International Biofest 2016. Congratulations go to ARMI […]

14 Nov,2016

Group leader Susie Nilsson now a Professor

Congratulations go to ARMI group leader, Susie Nilsson, who recently became a Professor. In what has been a personal goal for some time, Susie’s ascension to the role of Professor highlights her belief that you can find a happy balance between a career and family life as a scientist. In an industry that can be […]

09 Nov,2016

ARMI’s first crowd funding campaign success

In July, we had four students from the Monash Global Science Challenges course approach ARMI about a crowd funding campaign – a first for ARMI and Monash. This group of extraordinary students, with the help of the team here at ARMI, created a 24-hour crowd funding campaign to raise much needed funds for a qPCR […]

06 Nov,2016

The many faces of Robin Hobbs

The literary inclined among you will realise that Robin Hobbs shares his name with a renowned fantasy novelist. What you may not know is that he also shares his name with an English leg spinner of the late 60s/early 70s. While there are many Robin Hobbs, there is only one in the world of science […]

03 Nov,2016

Multiple sclerosis researcher a lover of native species

The latest addition to the ARMI family is Toby Merson. He and his team joined the Institute in early October and will principally be involved in research that may further our understanding of multiple sclerosis. In his spare time, Toby loves spending time in the great outdoors. One of his keen interests is working on […]

07 Oct,2016

The Shock of the New: Translating the Potential of Regenerative Medicine Technologies

As published in Australasian Biotechnology, Vol 26 No 3 in October 2016. More than a decade ago, scientists around the world confidently predicted that stem cell research would revolutionise medicine. Enabling legislation followed the technology, as did a dramatic increase in funding that paralleled the public’s impatient expectations. It’s only within the past couple of years […]

07 Sep,2016

Zebrafish may hold key to antibiotic-resistant superbug infection fight

First appeared in the Herald Sun, by Lucie Van Den Berg, 1 September 2016 TEST ALLOWS DOCS TO DISTINGUISH BETWEEN VIRAL AND BACTERIAL INFECTIONS IN SIGHT A CHINK in the armour of a deadly superbug has been revealed, providing scientists with a potential new pathway to annihilate the antibiotic-­resistant infection. Using translucent zebrafish infected with glow-in-the-dark bacterial cells, […]

01 Sep,2016

New advisory group launched to advance regenerative medicine

A Regenerative Medicine Advisory Group to be chaired by Silvio Tiziani has been formed by AusBiotech. The Group, comprising 10 members, will provide advice on current and emerging issues and trends facing the regenerative medicine sector in Australia and overseas, improve and engage the sector, generate a clear definition of regenerative medicine and address key advocacy issues.

01 Sep,2016

Regenerate Newsletter – Winter Edition 2016

Here are just some of the highlights for ARMI in 2016: Recipe for tissue repair – ARMI researchers create the “recipe book” for turning skin cells into almost any other cell in the human body New ARMI Director announced – Former Deputy Head of ARMI, Professor Peter Currie, is appointed to the role of ARMI […]

30 Aug,2016

Dr Ramialison awarded Peer Prize for Women in Science

ARMI would like to congratulate Dr Mirana Ramialison on winning the Thinkable inaugural “Peer Prize for Women in Science”. Here, the Ramialison groups research into hacking the genome for junk DNA to tackle childhood heart disease has been recognised. Dr Ramialison is a thought leader in this area, and provides a fantastic role mode to ARMI’s early career […]